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tv   Inside Washington  ABC  May 29, 2011 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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>> i am so o lookin forward to representing the people of the 26th district, and fighting for the issues i know they care about in washington. >> this week on "insidee washington," why all the fuss about one special election? fink paul ryan -- think paul ryan'sedicare plan. the israeli prime minister received a rousing reception from congress and has a message for the american president. >> israel will not return to the indefensible batteries of 1967. >> the president discovers his
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inner i risch irishman and wrestles with heavy issues at the g8. >> i am running for the president of the united states. >> pawlenty is in, daniels is out, and bachmann and palin inched closer. >> i have that fire in my belly. captioned by the national captioning institute >> we will get back to sarah palin and others in a moment. i would like to look at "politico's" thursday deadline. does medicare reform been political suicide? democrat kathy hochul defeated her opponent, republican jane corwin in an election in new york's 26th congressional district. this district is solidly republican generally, but guess what the key issue was? >> jane corwin it supports a budget that essenentially it ends medicare. >> what do you say to these
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weak-kneed republicans? >> they will run thosettack ads regardless. this is the time for leaders to be leaders. >> we will have more on paul ryan later on. democrats attacked it jane corwin to ryan's plan. what did we learn mark? >> went at elections change seats, they get attention but especially if they were all around a single issue -- if they revolve around sine issue that captured the american people's attention. it was medicare republicans were on the defensive democrats were on the oensive it. let it be noted that kathy hochul was a far better candide and jane corwin. medicare hurts republicans helps democrats. >> colby?
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>> jane corwin was actually on the sidelines avoiding the medicare issue, but she was pushed and had t take a stand. this 5pound weight was tossed in her lap and she sank to the bottom. >> evan, you said that democrats would demagogue the medicare issue. >> demagoguing works. to be apocalyptic about this, if the democratic system cannot figure out what to do about this problem, it is big trouble for our country for a long time. >> charles, what is the lesson of this election? >> evan's wisisdom. demagoguery works. for republicans, you are linked to this proposal, there is no escaping it. all republican house members supported it, all bufive in the senate. you cannot run away. you either know how to defend it
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and you do it, or you are dead. >>enate democrats forced a symbolic roll-call vote of the medicare plan that passed the house. it failed in the senate. when p paul ryan and bill clinton wanted to each other at the reagan building, listen to what the former president said. >> i said, i am glad we won this race in w york, but i hope democrats don't use it as an excuse to do nothing. >> will the democrats uset as an excuse to do nothing? >> i love this coming from bill clinton. bill clinton in 1995 -- let's roll the tape -- newt gingrich actually succeeded in reducing medicare. what does bill clinton do? he demagogued medicare. you go back and look at adshey
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ran. it worked, he got reelected, and then what did he do? nothing. he did not lift a finger -- >> obama has clearly made exactly the same decision that clinton did in 1995. he did not speak about entitlements. the budget went to a vote in the senate and was defeated 97-0 this week. he is running on the thought that americans are against it and get in the abstract but if you touch entitlements, you will lose. -- against debt t in the abstract but if you touch entitlements, you will lose. >> mark? >> let me dissent from my colleagues here. first of all this was a republican fiasco, a disaster. this is not written in scripture the paul ryan -- it was a
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political solution offered, and it was terribly done. it is only going to provide 1/3 of the costs in 20 years for the people on medicare. the politics of it are terrible bomb, they never raised it to during the 2010 election -- the politics of it are terrible. they never raised during the 2010 election. newt gingrich, who did have the nerve to say that it was a flawed proposal, was beaten a round head and shoulders and it has become a litmus test and loyalty oath for every republican candidate who has watched the plank to support it, and each of them is except mitt romney. they will be tagged with that, and they are stuck with a flawed plan and they never should have brought it to a vote >> on the other hand, demagoguery is not the special province of any one party. remember the health kille --
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health care bill that passed? republicans demagogued that. the difference is, democrats ran from 8. -- from it. you cannot run away from your vote. republicans have to stick to it. >> the preside is in ireland great visuals. he is with the queen great visus. he is at the normandy coast great visuals. >> it is true. meantime joplin, missouri is wiped off the map, and the president says "i will see you on sunday." if bush had said that, i can assure you that would have been at headline all acrossss america. >> i don't think so. the president had a wellaid- out schedule. >> he didn't have to do ireland.. ireleland happened right after joplin. theireland was optional.
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the g8 is not, i understand that, but the g8 was much later. >> he was on the way to ireland when a job that happened. as an irish-american, i am happy to share our heritage with the president. i've never seen him smile so almost two billion tons of freight move around this country every year... and control centers like this keep track of it all. it takes advanced telemetry and satellite tracking acoustic detectors and friction modifiers. high tech innovations that help rail move our economy. freight rail companies invest billions of their own dollars - not taxpayers' money - to make rail safe, reliable, efficient and affordable. it takes tons of technology to haul tons of freight.
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>> in campaign, i am going to ta a different approach. i will tell you the truth. the truth is, washington, d.c. is broken. >> that is the former minnesota gov. tim pawlenty, who this week declared his candidacy for the republican presidential nomination. charles, washington is broken. how does pawlenty propose to fix it? >> he is a down-the-line, acceptable to all camps
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republican. he could be the last man standing. the others have a lot of baggage. at least he has small luggage here when he starts his campaiaign with the oldest cliche in the book. i wish he had used another, more felicitous phrase. >> michele bachmann is talking about going to iowa next week. >> gov. palin is reemerging on a national tour. tim pawlenty is the least unacceptable to the greatest number. that is what he has going for him, not that he is exciting or dynamic. he has few were flaws than the other presumed front-runners -- you have to list jon huntsman and mitt romney in reverse order. >> rick santorum formally announces his campaign on june 6 in the pennsylvania coal mines
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where his grandfather once worked. thursday, the gallup poll, centaur, 2%, rank-and-file republicans, pawlenty at 6 palin 13, ron paul at 10%. what do those numbers tell you evan? >> absolutely nothing. at this stage is about name recognition complete meaningless numbers. >> that p a damper on your point. >> that's all right. palin is soaring in a feature film, "thendefeated," premiering in iowa, what and when the incidents -- what a coincidence. she is going on a bus tour, headed to new hampshire. people of new hampshire this time of year. >> she is a start. whether she is going to run is another question.
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there are still people e who think she will not run. but the republican party i is rich in candidates. i don't know why you are so down. you have herman cain. we have not talked about her maintain. -- herman cain. how about a hurricane-ron paul to get? -- herman cain-ron paul ticket? >> i will not take the bait. [laughter] >> hermain cain cain is honest enough to say that the ryan plan is a voucher program. he endorsed it. the advantage right now is mitt romney. mitt romney is the front runner. every day that goes by that he was not talking about the front runner or criticizing him is a
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good day for any front runner. >> the question is huntsman. mitch daniels was going to be great, except his wife did not want to do it so he is gone. hans been is the bequest -- huntsman is the big question. he has charisma, which pawlen blacks. he is moderate, and people like me -- pawawlenty lacks. he is moderate, and people like me like him, which is a problem. >> absolutely a problem. "moderate." that is like saying democrats will tell you on the -- kill you on the ryan plan because you are moderate. romney has a bigger issue romneycare, and i think his front runnership will hinge on
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how he handles those attacks and a debate. if he shows that he can handle and the answer is adept, he will win the nomation. if he cannot, it will be extremely difficult. >> the former speaker of the house isunning -- >> his campaign is over. he had the worst launch since the lindbergh. -- since the hindenburg. >> but he is still flying. >> what about the tiffany's stuff? >> the only question is, it is like the john edwards air cut -- haircut.t. it says something about what people tnk, one's taste character. this guy is supposed to be so frugal and yet he spends -- >> you mean the same john edward was goingo be indicted? >> yes.. >> mark said the ryan plan is
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flawed and thus he will be exriated. had he said that it was flawed and he had an alternative that would have been ok. he said it is right wing social engineering. >> spoke truth to power. >> exactly, and that is what he does not have a chance that the nomination. if you attack the plan see that the party rallies around, and was proposed by the clinton commission in 1999, you cannot support that, you say it. but if you call it a social engineering, you have given democrats a talking point. even clinton said to ryan that something has to be done. >> june 13, aew hampshire first t major d debate. newt gingrich, what jim,m, listen
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] how could a luminous protein in jellyfish impact life expectancy in the u.s., real estate in hong kong, and the optics industry in germany? at t. rowe price we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason 80% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing. >>hen president obama opens up
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daylight between us and the isisraelis that is dangerous. he should stand strong with israel. he is sending danrous message s to the world. >> that is im pawlenty in florida on obama's statement that the board is should be based on 1967 lines with agreed swaps. earlier, pawlelenty said he wod tell the truth. is he telling the truth about this colby? >> there has been distortion about what the president said. i listened to the bibi netanyahu speech to congress, which was well received -- >> i'll say. >> tread like a rock star. i came away from holding with a sense of sadness -- the whole thing with a sense of sadness.
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the confrontation is almost inevitable. what i cannot understand, and maybe some mechanics plan to make -- maybe somebody can explain to me -- the statement at issue is that both parties can agree on an outcome anne's the conflict with an independent and a viabletate based on 1967 lines with agreed swaps that recognize subsequent developments. that statement was issued by secretary of sta hillary clinton and netanyahu last fall. when the president of the united states essentially says the sasame thing, all of a sudden there is a big uproar. >> there is -- they are never going to solve this problem.
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netanyahu is never going to do it. he is just incapable doing it. and the palestinians are incapable of doing this. they have gotten close several times, but they never will. >> according to a poll in israel 57% of israelis believe netanyahu should have supported president obama with or without qualifications. apparently the israelis are more accepting of the president's position than our members of congress, which was essentially who loves you more jumping jacks in it the house and senate. i thought the republicans would nominate netanyahu and have them go directly to iowa if it were nonot for the birth certificate
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problem. >> what about colby's -- >> i want to answer this, the jumping jacks in the house and the senate responding to the prime minister of a beleaguered democracy under attack relentlessly and receiving support the united states. the recent he got this remarkable response is that it was churchillian in the sense that we believe in the same thingse are the only democracy in the region, and of th arabs in the world only 1 million at civil rights, and they are all israeli arabs. that is what struck a chord. the most important part of the speech was "i accept a palestinian state, as does all of israel." mr. abbas, say these five words "i accept a jewish state."
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he won't. there is no leader of the palestinians who will say or who will ever say "i accept the jewish state." on the day he die you will have -- day he does, you look, every day we're using more and more energy. the world needs more energy. where's it going to come from? ♪ ♪ that's why right here in australia, chevron is building one of the biggest natural gas projects in the world. enough power for a city the size of singapore for 50 years. what's it going to do to the planet? natural gas is the cleanest conventional fuel there is. we've got to be smart about this. it's a smart way to go. ♪ ♪
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>> did you just costst the republicans control l the house? >> i think we were elected in this last election to take a stand on the countries biggest problems. >> what if this destroys your political caer? >> i don't care about that. this is not the time to be worrying about political careers. >> is ryan getting a raw deal here? >> turnabout -- i don't say is always fair play but i it is turnabout. if you look at some of the
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things that paul ryan said about the health plans become he also got to a point of -- about the health plan, he also got to a point of demagoguery. >> as he throwing granny under the bus? > no, he is not. you have commercials showing him throwing - >> somebody had to go first. he deserves a medal -- >> i gave him credit for stepping up. >> mark? >> oh, oi -- oh, ok. it is a political disaster. the democrats ran on health care in 2008 they won a big election on it, and the have been on the defensive ever since. they pass it without any republican votes.
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the republicans pass this without any democratic votes. you do not pass large initiatives on single-party bvotes not expected to have our reaction. >> however maladroit it was somebody h had to start. both parties were paralyzed on this an issue that is paramount to our national survival. if we don't deal with this stuff, we will have a lower standard of living and a deep depression in the country. however flawed the plan may be, at least he had won. >> -- had one. >> and the fact tha it caused a political disaster in buffalo is to the credit of republicans willing to go over a cliff if necessary. this is driving us to greece.e.
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corwin never defended it, tried to run away. unless republicans successfully explain and defend it, it will be a disaster. but it is an act of patriotism to try and attack the problem. >> republicans have done the same thi and will be small consolation. >> last word. thanks. [ male announcer ] want to achieve more with your money? pnc virtual wallet gathers your spending and saving in one place credit and debit purcses, checks, bills, and other financial information.
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